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Canon SX50 vs Canon SX20

Update 2015
Now Canon has already released the successor of Canon Powershot SX50 IS camera. You can find more details about Canon Powershot SX60 IS Camera from >> HERE <<.

The latest member of Canon superzoom family is Canon Powershot SX50 HS Camera. If you are a Canon SX20 user who's thinking about upgrading your camera then you might want to consider this new Canon SX50 Camera. Because this camera has so many features old cameras like Canon SX10 or Canon SX20 didn't have. Also 50x zoom alone is something makes temped to buy this camera. So lets see what's special about this Canon SX50.
Right now Canon Powershot SX20 IS camera is priced at $150 at Amazon. Not new cameras, used. Canon SX50 would cost you around $370 at least with free shipping. If you are not upgrading from SX20 or another old model then you might want to add another $50 for few must have accessories you will need to be bought along with your new SX50. There are some very good reasons why its good to upgrade to this camera from any old model. Probably SX50 is the best superzoom camera in market right now (2013). Here are few main facts which makes SX50 and SX20 miles apart,
  • 50x Optical zoom  -  Yeah this is what makes SX50 so popular. It's the first camera in history with 50x zoom. If you don't have an idea what kinda lens this is imagine a 1200mm telephoto lens ! yep this is something like that. So Canon SX20 cameras 20x optical zoom is peanuts compared to this maga zoom camera.
  • CMOS Sensor   - When Canon SX10 and SX20 cameras released everything start saying if those models have a CMOS sensor instead of CCD sensor how great that would be.So here you are SX50 comes with a 12.1 megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor plus new Canon DIGIC 5 image processor.
  • RAW format -  Like in SX10 and SX20 no longer you need to use CHDK get Raw format photos. Canon SX50 comes with RAW image feature. So now you can process your images with Adobe Lightroom and improve the quality as you want.
  • 1080p Full HD video - One of the few improvements SX20 has over SX10 was its ability to capture 720p HD movies with stereo sound. Now Canon SX50 can do 1080p full HD videos with stero sounds.It record your clips in high speed upto 240 fps and also has the Apple® iFrame movie format which makes it easier and quicker to import and upload videos while retaining high image quality.
  • NB-10L Lithium-Ion battery - Lithium-Ion battery are always better than rechargeable AA battery SX20 and SX10 use. These Lithium batteries pack more power and self-discharge rate is so low like with AA rechargeable batteries. Also unlike few years ago, Lithium-Ion batteries these days very cheap. Even cheaper than rechargeable AA batteries !
I'm not a camera guru. But as an average camera user owner of Canon SX10 I believe upgrade to Canon SX50 from SX10, SX20 or SX30 camera are perfect worth the money you have spent. I think some can argue its better to upgrade to entry level DSLR camera but Can you get a latest model for less than $500 ? Yeah you can find a old model but if you are an average user who want to take photos of your family events, trips or your kids activities without spending a lot Canon SX50 is one of the best options out there. It's compact and has most features  you get from a DSLR.

What's 1080p Full HD video ?

Canon SX50 vs Canon SX20 

 High Speed AF shooting

CanonSX50 vs Canon SX20

You can read more about these stuff at Amazon where there's a full detailed description for each feature this cool camera has. Even better and more details than Canons own site has. Also you can read customer reviews too. Like every other superzoom bridge camera Canon made this camera has made every buyer happy.

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