Sunday, June 9, 2013

67mm Filter Adapter Combo for only $20

67mm filter adapter combo for Canon SX20

This is probably the best 67mm filter adapter deal you get for your Canon SX20 camera or any other SX camera like Canon SX10, Canon SX30, Canon SX40 and Canon SX50. This is a 4 in 1 kit which include all necessary accessories like 67mm Filter Adapter, 67mm Snap On Lens Cap, 67MM Pro1D SMC UV Filter and Pro1D CPL Filter. All these accessories you get for  only $19 usd with free shipping at Amazon. I don't know how long this offer will last but this is the best filter adapter deal for Canon SX20 or any Canon SX superzoom camera I have seen for years.

You get Lens protector UV filter (67MM Pro1D SMC UV Filter) and Circular Polarizer Filter (Pro1D CPL Filter) along with your 67mm filter Adapter. Each of these filters cost you at least $10 if you buy a decent one separately. This offer has received 5 star rating from every customer who reviewed it So these filters must good quality. Usually someone always find a fault in cheap deal like this and it's not often 6 people would give it 5 star ratings. If you compare these with separate prices,

So you can see the total cost for the adapter combo kit would be around $40 if you buy each accessory. and you get all these items half price with this 67mm filter adapter deal.

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