Monday, May 26, 2014

Transcend 32GB High Speed Class10 UHS SDHC Memory Card

Transcend 32GB High Speed Class10 UHS SDHC Memory Card

Canon SX20 and Canon SX10 are the beginning of Canons bridge camera line with Megazoom lenses. These cameras are not powerful or fast like the latest of those like Canon SX40 or Canon SX50. So if you are still using one of these older models then you need to do your best to speed up everything. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do except trying to do best with all manual settings. But there is one thing you can do without much trouble.

That's using a Fast memory card make image and video saving process faster. When you are buying a memory card for your camera you always need to buy the fastest one in market not the cheapest one. If they offer it for below market price than average price for memory card then it means the card is outdated and they want to get rid of their stock. Don't fell for these ticks low price doesn't means those cards are good also these days even those best and latest SDHC cards won't cost you more than $20 from online stores like Amazon.

Right the fastest cards in market are the Class10 memory cards. Whatever the brand you buy make sure they mention it's a Class10 card. There are Class8 and Class4 cards but those are older and slower models. Price different won't a big enough to buy one of those older cards. Faster the card means you can do continuous shooting and fast video saving. So why loose this for just few dollars ?

Even among those Class10 SDHC memory cards the best fast one is Transcend 32GB High Speed Class10 UHS SDHC Memory Card. If you check Amazon you can see normal Transcend 32GB cards speed is 300x while this type High Speed Class10 UHS SDHC Memory Card it 600x. And guess what! the price difference is only 1 USD! (Check Here). You can get this new faster card only for just $19 Amazon with free shipping.

You can get this new Transcend High Speed Class10 card from 8GB to 128GB models so you can use those for any bridge camera from Canon SX10 to Canon SX50 or any newer model. Also you can use these for backup your data from computer and even to keep all your favorite movies and TV series stored and even watch from the card without sensing any kind of lag at all. Right now it's the best SDHC card you can find for lowest price in market.

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