Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Canon FA-DC67A 67mm Filter Adapter for SX20

Canon has launched their own custom filter adapter for new SX30 IS camera. Since SX30 Camera takes 58mm filter adapters which we use on SX20 and SX10 their new 67mm filter adapter should works with Canon SX20 camera too. This new 67mm filter adapter is known as Canon FA-DC67A Filter Adapter. It's a quality product and best thing for any camera in this Canons Ultra zoom line.

But the cons are It's lot costly than other 58mm filter adapters.Canon FA-DC67A filter adapter is around 24$ while Janko 58mm filter adapter is only around $10. Also this is a 67mm filter adapter so you need 67mm filters for this. 67mm filters are expensive than 58mm filter adapters.

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